Less is more.

Fewer ingredients


Introducing our deliciously creamy whipped cheese. Simply whipped and made spreadable. Made with no unnecessary nasties and as few ingredients as possible.


Whipped cheese is a wonderfully creamy dairy product made possible by lightly aerating our blend of cheese, resulting in a lighter texture.

The technique involves blending hard and soft cheese with a touch of cream to achieve an easily spreadable texture. While preserving the rich flavour of hard cheese, Kavli whipped offers a softer, more delicate mouthfeel, making it perfect for spreading on crackers, bread, or incorporating into various recipes.

Whipped Cheddar

British Cheddar cheese, lightly whipped and made with only four ingredients.

Whipped Cheddar & Chorizo

British Cheddar lightly whipped, blended with spiced chorizo and made with only five ingredients.

Whipped Feta

Fresh and tangy feta, lightly whipped. Made with only four ingredients.